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Light forklift trucks 5–9 ton

SELLING OF THIS PRODUCT HAS ENDED. Kalmar is proud to have stopped the sale of diesel trucks from 5-9 tons.


Kalmar has been selling electric trucks for more than 40 years, and has a unique expertise in the area. Many of our customers who drive with heavy operation, over both 2 and 3 shifts, have with great success only used electric machines for the last 10 years. We have solutions that cover all different purposes, with fast charging, pause charging, large battery capacity, cold, etc.


Electric trucks surpass diesel trucks in the light segment

Kalmar is proud to have stopped the sale of diesel trucks from 5-9 tons. The reason is that  we can offer electric trucks that replace and surpass today's diesel engines. Electric trucks provide a better working environment, have increased efficiency and in addition a significant reduction in total costs is achieved.

We see no reason to choose a diesel truck in the light segment and that is the reason why we stop the production of these. Diesel trucks are expensive to operate and require a lot of maintenance.

Electric trucks have reduced noise, less vibration, do not produce exhaust and react more sensitively and spontaneously, says Christian Raabe, Area Sales Manager in Kalmar.

An electric truck adapted to your needs

Like other parts of the production system, the forklift must be adapted to your operating needs. And there is a lot to think about before they can work optimally. Kalmar is known worldwide for its specially adapted forklifts. The ECG50-90 is no exception. Like the other Kalmar G generation machines, it has many customizable features.

Industry-specific adaptations

Considering the many adjustment options in our forklift, it is not surprising that we have customers in both paper production, wood, steel, concrete and offshore to name a few.

Large selection of accessories for your electric truck

Our forklift can be equipped with the lifting equipment you may need in your industry, including pipe clamps, levers for several pallets, spool stands or other special equipment.

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