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Reachstackers for intermodal handling

Multiple handling needs, one solution. Kalmar reachstackers for intermodal handling give you the power, speed and precision you need for efficient operations. Our flexible equipment solutions are easily adapted to the wide variety of handling tasks common in modern intermodal terminals.

Intelligent intermodal solutions

Kalmar's dedicated intermodal technology has proven the right choice for the increasing number of new intermodal terminals in transferring goods from road to rail, barge and other means of transport.


Roland, Germany

To ensure the uninterrupted loading and unloading of block trains from Germany and Italy – up to 400 containers per day – Roland Umschlag depends on a large fleet of Kalmar equipment.

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Richardson Stevedoring & Logistics, USA

Richardson Stevedoring & Logistics was founded in 1969 as a direct discharge and storage operation at the Port of Houston. Today, it owns and operates multiple sites with a focus on stevedoring, transport and logistics across intercoastal water systems. The company has been a Kalmar client for over 10 years.

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Addicks & Kreye, Germany

Addicks & Kreye’s Kalmar DRF450-75S5XS loads and unloads inland waterway vessels at the Windhukstrasse terminal in Bremen. This giant has a 7.5 metre wheelbase and can lift containers weighting up to 45 tons, yet is extremely flexible and efficient. 

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