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Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool for cargo handling that gives you an easy to use overview of your fleet operations. See how it can help your business.

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Kalmar Insight. Turning data into impactful, actionable insights.

Get the information you need, wherever you are.

Kalmar Insight gives you an easy to use overview of your fleet operations, by aggregating data from multiple sources, including equipment built by other manufacturers.

New Kalmar equipment can be connected from day one of operations, other equipment may need to have additional hardware fitted.

You can then access this information through mobile, tablet or more traditional screens.

Access on mobile, tablet or traditional screen.

Reduce unnecessary moves and idling time.

Kalmar Insight collects data from your fleet as it occurs and displays this information in an easy to use interface, which you can playback at any time.

You will be able to see exactly what has happened, allowing you to take corrective action immediately so your fleet utilisation rates are improved and your equipment idling time reduced.

Saving you money and driving up operational efficiency.

View each machine’s movements as they occur.

Increase your feet availability.

Ongoing equipment issues and unplanned maintenance can dramatically impact your fleet availability levels.

Kalmar Insight is able to help you on two levels. Firstly, it can help you plan what maintenance is required when, allowing you to schedule the required work prior to it becoming an issue.

In addition you can further streamline your maintenance activities as you are able to order the required spare parts in advance through Kalmar Insight so your maintenance activities can happen as efficiently as possible. Reducing unplanned maintenance and increasing availability rates.

Plan your maintenance and spare parts needs.

Improve your operators’ performance.

Kalmar Insight can provide you with information on each driver‘s performance.

This will allow you to identify what actions and or training needs to be put in place to rectify the identified issue for individual operators.

This will help to improve your driver’s overall performance and correct their bad habits which are impacting your overall operational efficiency.

View each operator’s performance in real time.

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