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Gloria Reachstacker

- A solution that makes you increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Gloria Reachstacker DRG450

Our new reachstacker is the result of all the years of experience we’ve gathered ever since we pioneered the world’s first commercial reachstacker. Now we’ve taken it a step further, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Because the most important thing we’ve learned through all these years is that it all comes down to one thing: keeping your business on the move, no matter what. 


Technical info Kalmar DRG420–450S
Lifting capacity (kg)
Load centre (mm)
Wheel base (mm)
Volvo, Cummins
ZF, Dana
Cab options
Stacking height (9'6)

We call her Gloria.

The Generation G reachstacker is the outcome of more than a decade of advances in operating efficiency. Through extensive testing with operators, maintenance personnel, production and terminal managers round the world, we were determined to improve every detail to better meet the needs of today’s cargo handlers.

All over our new reachstacker you’ll find improvements that increase operator efficiency – not least in the cabin. With its panoramic view, intuitive interfaces, proactive monitoring and a comfortable seat designed for long shifts and demanding operations, it brings out the very best of every operator. Learn more about how our new reachstacker can keep your business on the move.

Up to 90% less CO2 emission with HVO100 fuel.

Kalmar Stage 3,4 & 5 reachstackers, forklifts, terminal tractors and empty container handlers fitted with Volvo or Cummins engines are now certified to use HVO100. If you own a certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or it is ready to start using HVO straight away.

It’s quick and easy to get fitted and will start cutting your CO2 emissions by up to 90% as soon as you start using HVO100 Fuel.

To find out more about HVO100 click here

Safety Package.

Take your equipment safety to the next level with our enhanced Safety Solution package which includes a number of automated safety features that will make your operations even safer. The features included in the package can also be fitted to any Kalmar reachstacker or empty container handler, as well as most other brands of these types of equipment.

Optimise your fleet.

Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool that allows you to track your equipment while operating, making it easier for you to make decisions that will help improve your overall operations.

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